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Owners love their homes here at Hi Tide, directly on Moclips Beach. Many families have owned for decades but occasionally one of our units comes up for sale. Check back here often to see what is for sale.

Curent Condos for Sale

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Real Estate Information

Buying a vacation home is a wise decision. We are not brokers and do not negotiate or offer to negotiate properties, but our professional lodging team can help you recognize the best options for renting our your second home, when you are away.

Not All Properties Created Equal

Most homes do well in rental, but some do far better. Our staff can help you make the best decision and we it for absolutely no fee, just in hopes you'll hire us to oversee and manage your place. We can help you:

Not all Managers Are Created Equal

Not all managers are created equal either. Our company offers only certified, trained and tested staff members, all backed by a strong team of marketing, advertising, accounting, sales, software, website and administrative professionals. No one else can match this.

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DETAILS: The Publisher of this website is not a real estate sales company or broker. No one here negotiates or offers to negotiate either directly or indirectly, the sales of real estate. Instead, we advise clients on how to operate second homes and other properties as lodging operations. We may recommended here independent agents and companies.