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The Hi Tide is our perfect getaway.


The Hi Tide is our favorite place and treasured in our family. I loved introducing our daughter to a place that is so close to our hearts. I'm so excited to see her grow up visiting this place every year when we visit!

I love unit 6! We spent our honeymoon in this unit. I love that it has windows that look out towards the ocean and the inlet. I also love that this room is friendly to anyone's aesthetic.

My aunt and uncle the Lehman's found your resort years ago and brought me along a few times so I could keep their third dog in a room. I then introduced it to my boyfriend, now husband.

Everyone is so friendly and unobtrusive. The Hi Tide really feels like a hidden gem where you can escape from people but still have people and the amenities of a resort around. – Shannon, Edmonds, WA