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Hi-Tide Resort Photo Contest

Time and time again, our guests stay with us to build memories with family and friends. Everyone deserves the opportunity to see just how unforgettable their next vacation could be, and we would like to highlight your stay at Hi-Tide.

Please email us at Info@Hi-Tide-Resort.com and send photos that showcase everything you love about staying at our resort. Share with us beautiful pictures of the ocean, sunsets, your room and anything else that stood out during your trip.

Photos must be landscape orientation (horizontal), the maximum computer file size, exported to a JPG or PNG file form and preferably at least 800 pixels wide.

We will post the best photos online for everyone to see and you'll receive a special gift during your next stay. The "Grand Prize Winner" will receive a free two day stay at one of our great locations.

Pricing: If you are not a registered guest don’t worry, there is no cost to enter the photo contest. Winners will be notified by mail or email.

Limitations: We work to post information to this website and other websites that accurately represents the goals of the property. By submitting information, you are authorizing the publisher to include your photo, name and other data that is deemed necessary on several sites, in print media and printed publications. Not all submissions will be included and generally a notification will not be sent indicating acceptance or refusal. Once submitted, requests for the deletion of content cannot be honored. By submitting, you agree to the publishing for third party claims of copyright infringement.

Note: Special Offers are subject to withdrawal without advance notice and sometimes prior to the Offer Ends date. Certain limitations exist on some special offers and conditions may be necessary for guests to qualify to receive some offerings.

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